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About Me

To start, I love to work. I am a person who does not like having an unproductive day. That is why I currently do sports broadcasting work for multiple organizations and companies. As well, as a dual citizen (U.S./Canada), it opens up opportunities to call events in both countries.


Some of these include play-by-play announcing for:

  • Windsor-Essex Digital Productions for basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, baseball, and softball,

  • Track announcing at Delaware Speedway,

  • Several Virtual Motorsport broadcast companies such as RaceSpot TV, Maconi Entertainment, Grid Vision, the Global SimRacing Channel, and more,

  • And, motorsports commentary for companies such as SRO Motorsports Group and Kart Chaser.

Play-by-play announcing has always been my passion. It is an industry that being able to adapt is critical to future success. As someone who has broadcast at least 250 events a year on average since 2020, adapting to different regions, series, and people is a major part of the job.

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